Yasmin Aliya Khan

Writer. Social-Political Commentator. Yankee. Texan. Daughter of Immigrants. Scorpio. Humanist. Environmentalist. Guitarist. Nice lady.


A little on me...

Like so many of us – millennials, Gen Xers, whoever – I’ve struggled to find my “personal legend,” to (hopefully unpretentiously) quote The Alchemist. But alas, it’s just that I’m a writer, as I’ve always been.

This blog came as a surprise to me. I’d never considered myself to be politically-driven or socially-savvy, but I do strongly believe in the power of discussion. I believe that it’s only through listening to one another that we’ll ever understand the intricacies of the world we live in.

This universe is comprised of billions of characters, each with their own unique storylines. Every perspective matters. Every voice deserves to be heard. Every opinion helps shape the narrative. We are all responsible for growing our future.

Writing is my small contribution to the greater arc.

Featured in HuffPost and Thrive Global; Experience writing for various industries, including digital marketing, health and wellness, and real estate.